World-leading Innovative Graduate Study Program in

Proactive Environmental Studies ( WINGS-PES )


The University of Tokyo “World-leading Innovative Graduate Study Program in Proactive Environmental Studies” (WINGS-PES) is an integrated five-year master-doctoral program for brilliant Japanese and international students. It aims to accelerate the establishment of educational center for the development of environmental knowledge professionals. In achieving this aim, the Program will take advantage of characteristics unique to the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, a multi-disciplinary unit of UOT situated in the Kashiwa Campus. Since its establishment, the GSFS has been engaged, through cooperation between different disciplines including liberal arts and sciences, in the formation of a new field of study, by matching and merging existing fields in a creative way. WINGS-PES also benefits from the location of the Campus, which is ideally suited for the promotion of educational and research exchange with world-leading research centers, including the University’s Affiliated Institutions as well as National Research and Development Agencies residing in Tsukuba.

Dean's Welcome message


Dean,Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

Program Coordinator's Welcome

OKUDA Hiroshi

Dept. Human& Engineered Environmental Studies,
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
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