For students who are considering applying to SPRING GX through WINGS-PES


In October 2021 a new research support program for doctoral students, “Fostering Advanced Human Resources to Lead Green Transformation (GX),” was launched.
Green Transformation(GX) commonly refers to the transformation of industrial structures and socio-economies to curb climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions and lead to economic growth. In this project, however, GX is defined more broadly as a social transformation to better manage the global environment, which is the shared property of humanity, and to pass it on to future generations. Therefore, the academic fields to be covered are all fields related to the activities of humankind, i.e., all fields, and therefore, not only science and engineering but also humanities and social sciences are important. We believe that collaboration between professionals in the humanities and social sciences and professionals in science and technology is the key to the success of GX.

Financial Support

  • A monthly stipend of 180,000 yen plus a flat annual amount of 360,000 yen for research expenses. *
  • Overseas travel expenses, etc., paid through a selection process.


  • When you apply, you need to choose one WINGS program, which offers an advanced skills development program.
  • Please check the SPRING GX website and the SPRING GX application website for more information about the recruitment and other details.

Courses and Activities Provided to SPRING GX Students by WINGS-PES

Students participating in SPRING GX will receive career development and training as part of the following two programs.

  • GX core programs
    “GX Bird’s Eye View Lecture, GX Inspire Lecture, and GX Future Exchange Meeting.
  • WINGS advanced skill training programs
    Overseas dispatch program, industry-academia collaboration internship, and Transferable skill acquisition support

This second program of WINGS advanced skill training programs is taken through the courses and activities offered in the specific WINGS program selected when you first apply. The list below includes the courses and activities that you can choose from under the WINGS-PES program.

WINGS advanced skill training programs
List of courses and activities provided for the SPRING GX students from WINGS-PES program